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We are a family owned business in which our children and grandchildren are involved.   We have over 35 years of experience raising dogs.  Many of our sales are due to word of mouth from people who have purchased dogs from us.  We have dogs in nearly every state. We welcome people to come visit us and our puppies after they've had their first vaccination.

We love our dogs and have 2 of them in our home- Mickey and Sammy and will soon be bringing in our third one.  We make our livelihood raising and caring for our dogs and because of this have always felt the better we treat them the more loving and outgoing family additions they will make.  We have spoken to many hundreds of people over the years and realize that buying a dog is a very difficult decision.  We are not a "backyard" or " hobby breeder" that raises one or two litters a year - if you're going to do it right, there is a considerable amount of expense that you must keep up with including vaccinations, health checks, X-rays, etc.  We are also not a "puppy mill" - over the years we have tried to find dogs which are ideal for a family setting and so have limited ourselves to only a few breeds which we think do well for people wanting a smaller dog with minimal health issues.

Our puppies/dogs are kept in a specially built nursery which is heated/air conditioned and humidity controlled to be kept at 70 degrees year-round.  We recommend feeding a high quality dog food as they'll eat less of a good nutritious food, therefore, they'll be eliminating less also.  People are welcome to visit after the puppies have had their first vaccinations as we want to ensure they will grow strong and develop a healthy immune system.  When our puppies are ready to go, they have been veterinarian checked, up-to-date on their shots, dewormed, dewclaws removed and we give a written health guarantee for 2 years for any hereditary or congenital diseases. By this time, the puppies have been socialized with us, our children and grandchildren and spent time in our indoor and/or outdoor runs.

We've raised the Goldendoodles since 1997 and we're about the oldest breeder in the US. We started raising the Sheepadoodles about 4 years ago. Over the years, we have tried to help those who felt they they could not manage with a large dog or simply did not have the proper environment. The best breeds we have found for these situations have been the Cock-a-poos and wheaten Terrier for medium sized dogs and have raised them both for over 25 years. And, others prefer even smaller-toy breeds ie. the Havatons (Havanese and Coton de Tulear) and the mini Poodles.

The new GOLDENDOODLES book is now available at Barnes & Noble and Amazon.com.   Author Edie MacKenzie discusses everything you ever wanted to know about Goldendoodles.  The beautiful red Goldendoodle featured on the cover along with the handsome chocolate Goldendoodle on the back cover were both born here at Mueller's Woodville Kennels.  Throughout the book you will also see several Goldendoodles that were born here.
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Goldendoodle Book

The Goldendoodles featured on the cover of this book are of dogs that we raised.


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